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At Mekong Investments (Pty) Ltd, we believe in service excellence and commit to meeting with our Clients on a regular basis. Our funeral policies are marketed through personal selling, whereby, customers have a direct access to our Financial Advisors…

Our vision

We at Mekong Investments (Pty) Ltd acknowledge the fact that, you can no longer compete on the old basis of premiums and covers, you need to reinvent the way in which you do business and market yourself. We offer our Clients something different to what our competitors are offering, providing them peace of mind and financial security. 

Why Choose Mekong?

Experience and Business Acumen

The company leadership has vast business experience that spans decades within and beyond financial services industry.

Authorised and Trusted

We are an authorised Financial Services Provider. Our product suppliers have a long standing history in the financial services industry.

Prompt Claims Pay-Out

Claims are paid within 48 hours of receiving all the required documentation for a valid claim.

 Easy Applications …

Qualifying criteria

    1. You must be a South African citizen or permanent resident with a green bar-coded ID or smart ID card
    2. Main member must be 18 up to 64 years old
    3. You must be permanently employed

Mekong Investments

Mekong Investments (Pty) Ltd aims to be the leading provider of Group Scheme products across, initially, the Eastern Cape. The company plans to build long term relationships through empowering Clients using advanced and competitive technological methods and training.

About our Funeral cover...

Funeral cover is a policy that helps you plan ahead, providing your family with the guarantee that your funeral expenses will be covered.

How does it work?

Funeral cover works by paying a monthly premiums towards a funeral plan so that in the event of death, a specified amount will be paid out to your family. This means that during this difficult time, the costs of a funeral will be covered so that your family won’t have to struggle with the expenses.

Tailored plans to meet your needs.

Plans cover a wide range of great benefits, so based on what you can afford, what your needs are, and who needs cover, we tailor a plan that’s right for you. Saying goodbye can be costly and much can be overlooked during your time of grief, so plan ahead and look at our options to see which one is best for you and your family.

Professional Financial Advisors

We believe in providing service excellence, this is why we meet our Clients on a regular basis, with direct access to a professional Financial Advisor. Our Financial Advisors are provided with on-going training to ensure continuous professional development as required by the FAIS Act.

Request a Free Consultation

We are more than happy to answer any and all queries online or via a consultation.